Kidsfest Aikido Action Fri 12th 6-7pm

Kidsfest Aikido Action Fri 12th 6-7pm

Friday 12 July 2019, 6:00pm—7:00pm

Aikido intro lesson; 6-7pm

Caregiver required with child that participates with them in this insight into Aikido.

Aikido is a cultural spiritual and physical journey in martial arts.

Children need careful guidance and you will learn some tricky but energy efficient self defense techniques. Minimum age 9 years

Restriction: 9-13 years

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Aikido Adult & Child friday 12th 6-7pm $1.00+ BF

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Aikido Adult & Child friday 12th 6-7pm
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$1.00 + $1.00 Fee

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Wear long sleeve loose fit clothing. Nails cut trim and clean, long hair tied and no jewelry for the training session.

Aikido train mainly empty hand but many techniques also have parallel weapon training moves viably similar to sword methods. Short staff training and knife defense is a big part of learning aikido.

Minimum age is 9 years

Christchurch Martial Arts
Christchurch, New Zealand

next to Piko's, close to Butler Auto; in Northern end of Stranmore Rd

Address: 250 Stanmore Rd
Phone: 64212264100